PAEP New Website

Welcome to PAEP New Website. The PAEP family acknowledging the trend of today’s times; decided to redesign their website to suit the present needs of their clients; The Elders and their family.

With the onset of 2017.  PAEP family introduced their responsive website together with the re-release of their facebook page, new twitter and google plus page.

What’s New

This new website to house all of the organization’s events, information and documentation.  Its former site, which is still operational will slowly be abandoned and all of the information needed to support and help the Elderly will be continued in its new web address.

Aligned with the new website, PAEP has welcomed new members. We at PAEP are happy that we are still serving the various elderly, ethnic communities in Seattle, Washington.

Please do give us a call.  And Please help PAEP and our seniors by sending your tax-deductible donation to PAEP at 270 South Hanford Suite 204 St. Seattle, Wa 98134.