Welcome to PAEP

Welcome to PAEP.  PAEP – Pacific Asian Empowerment Program, is a small non-profit, social service agency established in 1986, operational in 1987.

Our Mission is to help improve the health and quality of life of Pacific Asian residents of King County through empowered Community Groups of Filipinos, Laotians, Miens, Hmongs, Polynesians and other Pacific Asians of King County. Our Objective is to fight hunger, isolation, food insecurity and malnutrition.

PAEP offers to empower and transform the lives of specific ethnic communities through nutrition and exercise programs. Food banks, transportation services, information and referral assistance, citizen classes to name a few.

Help us Empower and Transform Lives.

We provide congregate meals to our seniors through our food bank sites. PAEP accepts donations in any amount and do not trade, rent, sell or share the names, addresses or emails of our donors. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Help our Lunch Programs

Donation cost with their equivalent meals are as follows;

  • $21 for 3 meals
  • $42 for 6 meals
  • $84 for 12 meals
  • $168 for 24 meals
  • $336 for 48 meals
  • $672 for 96 meals
  • $999 for 143 meals

PAEP has been doing these for 30 years now and will continue for the next coming years.